District Room of Gynecology for girls and teenage girls

1st floor, room 104, phone: 8017-265-82-56

The district room of gynecology for girls and teenage girls is a division of the women’s health clinic. The gynecological care is provided to 0-18 year old girls and teenage girls.


  • Anna A. Evich, 1st qualification category obstetrician gynecologist.

Core activities:

  • activities aimed at the prevention of abnormalities of the reproductive system;
  • health support of the teenage girls, who live within the area serviced by the outpatient clinic;
  • health checkups of the girls of decreed age;
  • rehabilitation of the teenage girls, who have reproductive health risks;
  • screening of the teenage girls, who have the abnormalities of the reproductive system or breast;
  • continuity of examination and treatment of girls and teenage girls and collaboration with children’s outpatient clinics, women’s health centers and other health providers;
  • promotion of a healthy reproductive behavior and a healthy lifestyle among teenagers.


  • general examination, evaluation of physical development and menstruation;
  • assessment of the morphological development and functional parameters;
  • assessment of the vegetative status;
  • breast examination;
  • visual and palpatory examination of the thyroid;
  • vaginoscopy, colposcopy;
  • target cervical biopsy;
  • gynecological examination;
  • selection of contraception for teenage girls (if necessary);
  • collection of vaginal and urethral discharge for microbiology tests;
  • cytology of a cervical swab (for atypical cells);
  • aspiration abortion (according to a physician’s referral).
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