District Center of Cardiology

3rd floor, rooms 300, 303 – 308, phone: 8017-265-89-62

The specialists of the District Center of Cardiology provide the following services:

  • preventive care, treatment and consultations of the patients with cardiovascular diseases;
  • screening of the patients with cardiovascular diseases according to the regulations;
  • detection of cardiovascular disease risks among working-age population of Pervomaisky district of Minsk.

The staff of the District Center of Cardiology:

  • Natalya A. Doroshevich, chief of the center, higher qualification category cardiologist;
  • Olga P. Vetokhina, higher qualification category diagnostician;
  • Natalya A. Bokhan, 2nd qualification category cardiologist;
  • Larisa A. Rudovich, 1st qualification category cardiologist.

Patients may undergo the following examinations and tests:

  • Electrocardiography (12-channel Intercard electrocardiograph);
  • 24-hour ECG monitoring (KP-01 device);
  • Cardiac stress test (M-32-K-2 Uniset);
  • 24-hour blood pressure monitoring;
  • Lipid profile, blood chemistry (Clima MC-15 analyzer).

Patients are admitted according to the referrals issued by the general practitioners of the outpatient clinics of Pervomaisky district. Appointment slips are also required.

There are health schools in the center:

  • Arterial hypertension school (works on Tuesdays from 2.00PM to 3.00PM);
  • Congestive heart failure school (works on Fridays from 2.00PM to 3.00PM).
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