Room of Function Tests

3rd floor, rooms 301 and 302, phone: 8017-268-13-10

Working hours:

Monday to Friday from 7.30AM to 8.00PM

Saturday from 9.00AM to 3.00PM (according to the schedule)

Function tests are one of the major diagnostic methods. We carry out the following function tests:

  • electrocardiography;
  • spirography;
  • pneumotachometry

The staff:

  • Landysh S. Drozd, diagnostician;
  • Valentin A. Kokhnyuk, 2nd qualification category function diagnostician;
  • 1st and higher qualification category nurses.

The equipment of the room of function tests:

  • Intercard 3 ECG machine;
  • three-channel Alton EK-ZT electrocardiograph;
  • multifunctional MAC-1 spirometer;
  • Cardian PM ECG monitoring unit;
  • six-channel Altonik-06 electrocardiograph.

You may undergo ECG at any time convenient for you, but you need a referral from your physician or a specialist of the first aid room.

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