Rooms of Ophthalmology

7th floor, rooms 703 and 705, phone: 8017-268-13-22

Working hours:

Room 703: two shifts; 2nd and 3rd Saturdays of month

Room 705: first shift on even dates, second shift on odd dates (house calls are on Tuesdays) and 1st Saturday of month.


  • Elena A. Skiba, 2nd qualification category ophthalmologist, Chief of the room;
  • Ekaterina Y. Velko, ophthalmologist;
  • Viktoriya E. Podlesskaya;
  • 1st qualification category nurses.

To visit an ophthalmologist, you need to visit the help desk and to take an appointment slip there.

Pregnant women are admitted for checkup daily from 8.30AM to 9.00AM (1st shift) and from 6.00PM to 6.30PM (2nd shift). To visit an ophthalmologist, a pregnant woman shall schedule an appointment in the women’s health clinic.

The patients over 40 shall visit ophthalmologists at least once in three years to measure intraocular pressure with a view to early detecting glaucoma. If any of a patient’s relatives has glaucoma, the patient shall regularly check vision starting from 35 years. You may visit room No.102 to measure intraocular pressure. If you have an increase in intraocular pressure, you should schedule an appointment with an ophthalmologist and undergo a thorough examination.

If an ophthalmologist diagnoses stage 1 or stage 2 glaucoma, a patient’s vision may be preserved. In stage 4, vision is lost and may not be restored. The patients with glaucoma shall start treatment as soon as possible and shall regularly undergo checkups.

There is the following equipment in the room of ophthalmology:

  • SL 800 slit lamp;
  • BETA 200 electric ophthalmoscope;
  • set of trail lenses used to assess vision acuity;
  • rack lens set for skiascopy;
  • PNR-2-01 desktop perimeter;
  • Maklakov applanation tonometer;
  • contactless tonometer;
  • eye chart;
  • colour vision chart.
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