Diagnostic ultrasound unit

5th floor, rooms 505, 519; 3rd floor, room 303

Working hours: from 8.00AM to 8.00PM

The specialists of the unit carry out the ultrasound examinations of the cardiovascular system, abdomen, kidneys, thyroid, breast, pelvis, upper and lower limbs and knee joints. The equipment of the unit includes SonoAce 8000, Siemens Acuson X-300 ultrasound machines and portable Smart Echo ultrasound device.

The staff of the unit:

  • Natalya B. Makarevich, 1st qualification category, Chief of the Unit;
  • Elena B. Parfenova, 2nd qualification category;
  • Valentina S. Gavrilyuk;
  • Anna V. Bartashevich, 2nd qualification category;
  • Natalya A. Fidkevich, 1st qualification category.

We carry out the paid ultrasound examinations of the abdomen, kidneys, vessels of the upper and the lower limbs, thyroid, breast pelvic organs and EchCG. To schedule an appointment, please, visit the counter located on the 3rd floor (room 318), phone: 268-13-28.

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