Department of preventive care

1st floor, rooms 102, 103, 105 – 109, phone: 8017-265-82-56

2nd floor, room 215, phone: 8017-264-01-21

Lyudmila I. Politiko, a higher qualification category general practitioner and an expert in medical and social evaluation, is the Chief of the Department.

Ekaterina G. Timokhina, 1st qualification category general practitioner, is the employee of the department.

Preventive care is one of the prior activities of modern health care. Prevention is better than cure.

The specialists of the department of preventive care perform preliminary and periodic health examinations of employees and students with a view to detecting and managing chronic diseases and health risks and to giving tips on a healthy lifestyle.

Physician assistants of the first aid room provide emergency care, measure blood and intraocular pressure with a view to early detecting glaucoma. They also record ECG, if necessary. The equipment of the first aid room includes Intercard ECG machine, IGD-02-PRA portable device for measurement of intraocular pressure, Spirometr MAC-1 device for testing of pulmonary function, stadiometer and scales.

The specialists of the department follow up healthy and apparently healthy citizens, who have a history of acute diseases or risks of chronic diseases. To undergo a checkup, a patient shall refer to the department of preventive care or a general practitioner.

Each patient undergoes examinations and tests specified for its age group. A checkup group is determined based on the results of laboratory tests, clinical and instrumental examinations. After that, an individual health risk prevention program is made for each patient. Frequency of checkups is determined in accordance with the regulations.

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