Day patient department

2nd floor, rooms 228 – 231, Phone: 8017-268-13-24

Working hours:

Monday to Friday from 8.00AM to 8.00PM (3 shifts),

Saturday from 9.00AM to 3.00PM

The specialists of the department provide special health care, including:

  • examination and treatment of the patients, who do not need 24-hour follow up;
  • rehabilitation of patients and disabled persons;
  • primary and emergency care;

The minimal time of staying in the department is 4 hours per shift.

The staff of the department:

  • Tatyana N. Moroz, general practitioner;
  • Tatyana V. Leonovets, general practitioner.

Physicians of various specialties provide a full range of examinations and treatment to the patients of the day patient department.

The patients shall pay for the medications used during their stay in the day patient department, except for syringes, IV administration sets and saline solutions. The persons with a Level 2 and Level 1 disability, participants of the Great Patriotic War and war workers are treated free.

A patient is admitted to the day patient department according to the decision of a physician and a chief of division and in accordance with a list of indications and contraindications.

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