Department of medical rehabilitation

6th floor, rooms 601 – 618; 1st floor, rooms 110, 120

Phone: 268-13-23.

The core activities of the Department of Medical Rehabilitation are: to prevent disability, to rehabilitate the disabled, to rehabilitate the patients after some diseases or injuries using the methods of physical rehabilitation (physiotherapy, physical therapy, massage) and alternative methods (reflexology).

The staff of the department is experienced and high skill:

  • Olga A. Kozub, Chief of the Department, room 605;
  • Olga V. Smirnova, rehabilitation specialist. Reception hours: even dates from 2.00PM to 8.00PM, odd dates from 8.00AM to 2.00PM;
  • Lyudmila A. Zub, physical therapist, room 606. Reception hours: even dates from 3.30 PM to 7.00PM, odd dates from 9.00AM to 12.30PM;
  • Irina V. Taran, physical therapist, room 609. Reception hours: even dates from 8.00AM to 2.00PM, odd dates from 2.00PM to 8.00PM;
  • Tatyana A. Pyshnik, speech and language pathologist, room 606. Reception hours: 9.00AM to 1.00PM, odd dates from 3.00PM to 7.00PM. House calls are on Fridays.

Reception hours: Monday, Thursday from 3.00PM to 8.00PM;

Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday from 9.00AM to 2.00PM

You may visit us to discuss private matters on

Monday, Thursday from 1.00PM to 2.00PM;

Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday from 8.00AM to 9.00AM

To rehabilitate the patients, we apply electrotherapy, light therapy, magnetic therapy, ultrasound therapy, UHF therapy, laser therapy, ozocerite and paraffin applications, inhalations and hydrotherapy (showers).

We also use the latest methods of rehabilitation developed by Belarusian and foreign scientists, for instance, LED therapy (using Romashka unit), short-wave diathermy (using Termatur 200 device) and quantum therapy (using Rikta device)

All nurses, who carry out physiotherapeutic procedures, have the 1st or higher qualification category.

The nurses, who perform massage, also have qualification categories.

Physiotherapy has a number of advantages: no adverse effect caused by medications, shorter period of temporary disability, prevention of disability and faster rehabilitation.

There are the following schools for the patients at the Department:

  • COPD school. The lecture is Olga V. Smirnova, 2nd qualification category rehabilitation specialist. The lectures are on odd Wednesdays from 2.00PM to 3.00PM.
  • Asthma school. The lecturer is Irina V. Taran, physical therapist. The lectures are on odd Wednesdays from 2.00PM to 3.00PM.
  • Musculoskeletal system school. The lecturer is Olga A. Kozub, Chief of the Department of Medical Rehabilitation, 1st qualification category rehabilitation specialist. Lectures and practice are on Thursdays from 7.00PM to 8.00PM.

The main objectives of the lectures and practice are to improve health and to prevent diseases at any time convenient for a patient.

We provide the following paid services:

  • massage therapy;
  • pneumatic compression therapy (using lymphomat system);
  • hydrotherapy (Charcot shower, circular shower, underwater massage treatment);
  • thermal mechanical massage with neuromuscular electrical stimulation on Nuga Best massage couch;

To learn more about the paid services, please, contact us at 268-13-23. To schedule for massage therapy, underwater massage treatment, thermal mechanical massage on Nuga Best massage couch, please, visit room 601 or 605 (please, mind the working hours of the rooms). After that, you should make a contract for the provision of paid services with the 8th outpatient clinic and pay for the service (-s). Then you should take a doctor’s referral and a check and refer to the service provider with a view to agreeing on a date and time of a visit.

The acupuncturists accept patients from 7.30AM to 11.00AM and from 4.00PM to 7.00PM at room 608. You should discuss the time and date of a visit with a reflexologist.

Dear patient, please, remember that you are responsible for your health!

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