Women’s Health Clinic

5th floor, rooms 513 – 521

The specialists of the Women’s Health Clinic provide the following obstetrician and gynecological services with a view to improving the reproductive health and prevent abortion:

  • regular check-ups of pregnant women with a view to preventing and early detecting of pregnancy , delivery and post-delivery complications;
  • referral of pregnant women, maternity patients and women with gynecological diseases, who have medical indications, to health care providers for inpatient treatment;
  • physical and psychological preparation of pregnant women for the delivery;
  • nursing of pregnant women and maternity patients;
  • consultations on reproductive health, prevention of abortion, pregnancy and delivery;
  • periodic screenings for gynecological diseases and cancer;
  • examination and treatment of women with gynecological diseases and pregnant women, including examination and treatment in the day patient department;
  • regular checkups of women with gynecological diseases;
  • early abortion and minor gynecological surgeries;
  • coordination of examination and treatment of pregnant women and gynecological patients between the women’s health clinic and other health care providers (dermatology and STD clinic, cancer center, TB center, etc.);
  • promotion of hygiene, reproductive health, prevention of abortion and STDs among women.

We offer such services as:

  • insertion and removal of intrauterine contraceptive devices;
  • aspiration abortion;
  • medical abortion;
  • standard and extended colposcopy, targeted cervical biopsy;
  • removal of cervical polyps;
  • aspiration of uterine contents for cytology;
  • thermal ablation of the cervix: puncture, coagulation, excision;
  • curing of the vagina and cervix with medications (baths, irrigation, tampons, etc.);
  • collection of swabs for oncocytology, microbiology and culture.

6 obstetrician gynecologists of the Women’s Health Clinic have the 1st qualification category:

  • Elena P. Sudilovskaya;
  • Galina I. Nazarova;
  • Nadezhda I. Roman;
  • Svetlana A. Grigorieva;
  • Alla D. Shulga;
  • Anna A.

There are health schools at the Women’s Health Clinic:

  • Pregnancy school (2nd and 3rd Tuesday of month at 2.00PM);
  • Psychological preparation for the delivery (each Friday of month at 2.00PM).

The Women’s Health Clinic is equipped with:

  • colposcope КС 1-01-598;
  • video colposcope DСSМ-102 (used to examine the external genital organs, vagina and cervix);
  • aspirators В-40 and В-90 (used to early terminate pregnancy and aspirate uterine contents);
  • fetal monitors ВFМ-800 (used to record fetal heart rate and uterine contractions, to assess fetal development);
  • colposcope ЭКС-IМ;
  • free-standing binocular colposcope Zenit;
  • electrocoagulators ЭН-57 and МВС-600 (used to eliminate abnormalities of the cervix).
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